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  • Reji George

    by Reji George

    Very useful for making videos. So friendly to use and edit..   More

  • Zhenskie

    by Zhenskie

    yes ! because it easy to use to make a movie and i like this..   More

  • Terence Leiper

    by Terence Leiper

    its what ineed and it is very good I can do what I need to do on it.   More

  • Terence Leiper

    by Terence Leiper

    if you check your system I have had it befor but I had to rest my laptop nad lost all my programs.   More

  • zMu Bass Boosted

    by zMu Bass Boosted

    It is veryhelpfull to mee and it software is very Awesome Its help me in many sitauations.   More

  • Phaeng Kurajinda

    by Phaeng Kurajinda

    very good app i like it very much i want to use for my work..   More

  • Raghad Sunjaq

    by Raghad Sunjaq

    123.   More

  • MaZeN AL-ahmari

    by MaZeN AL-ahmari

    hi..   More

  • Alma Tahayne

    by Alma Tahayne

    nice.   More

  • فارس الطلحي

    by فارس الطلحي

    ووووو.   More

  • Rocco Cultraro

    by Rocco Cultraro

    ciao.   More

  • sami 1999

    by sami 1999

    ثصبثصضبثص.   More

  • Alperen Taş

    by Alperen Taş

    bbvg.   More

  • Tasya Claudia Sabrina Londah

    by Tasya Claudia Sabrina Londah

    Great app.   More

  • Enoch Edumadze

    by Enoch Edumadze

    the best product.
    its the best soo far. ive been using since 2012 and I say its the best I can think of..   More

  • antonio rosasles

    by antonio rosasles

    exelent moves .
    windows muvie maker good program for moves beautiful video very nice very good
    Pros: yes a ...   More

  • Carlos Leiro

    by Carlos Leiro

    yes i am.
    necesito un buen editor de video como el vuestro. me es imprescindible. lo necesito.   More

  • Joseph Mesana

    by Joseph Mesana

    great for making video..   More

  • Veronica Feliciano

    by Veronica Feliciano

    i like it.
    nice program i like this program because its nice and is simple to make videos.   More

  • soft music

    by soft music

    MovieMakerIts was Awesome.
    awesome.. to create the video its was made me to be crazy cause can't sleep to think ...   More

  • Zooz Zooz

    by Zooz Zooz

    Wonderful and beautiful and benefited from it a lot and also simple.
    Wonderful and beautiful and benefited from ...   More

  • Enoch Edumadze

    by Enoch Edumadze

    its the best, .
    its the best, does all the movie making job and will always recommend it to others.   More

  • Joette Vanceunebrock

    by Joette Vanceunebrock

    Don't waste your time, black videos.
    Save your hard drive and time, program says MPeg videos, once you move t...   More

  • mealea tkd

    by mealea tkd

    Most people need it so it is good..
    It's good to have movie maker application because most of the people need it...   More



    is the best application and i like because is bether to make my jobs..   More

  • by Anonymous

    excellent than new version , good than 2016 version , easy to handle.   More

  • Madame Phylisann Hollywood Aries

    by Madame Phylisann Hollywood Aries

    Total wast of time.
    A total waste of time, the system is written in Spanish, and some of the functions DON'T. Li...   More

  • Pikachu

    by Pikachu

    I love it, it is very simple to do..
    It is so awesome. You can make a movie easier than the older version..   More

  • Pxng Rxyjin

    by Pxng Rxyjin

    Spanish To English.
    Go to settings then Word Play and then press english thats how yo convert it from spanish to...   More

  • Aryan Gadhvi

    by Aryan Gadhvi

    Really so amazing software....I like it......Very good so easy and workfull.   More