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Windows Movie Maker

Make a holiday movie with Windows Movie Maker

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Make a holiday movie with Windows Movie Maker by

Although there is a newer and more complete video editing suite called Windows Live Movie Maker, this is not compatible with versions of Windows older than Vista. For this reason, for XP users, and there are a lot of them, Windows Movie Maker is one of the best video editors, thanks mainly to its ease of use. So, how does it work? The first stage is to import your files. They could be videos, images or any kind of sound file. The formats supported by the software cover most of the most popular file types.

The second stage is to drag and drop your elements onto the timeline and start editing. Order the images and videos as you see fit. If you open the timeline view, you'll get a more visual way of working with your media. You can also drop audio files into this view and they'll appear as a waveform. This audio can be dragged around and used to accompany the videos and images.

Click the images and videos to edit them. You can add effects and manage them using the right mouse button. You can apply transitions of any type and easily create titles with their own effects and transitions. If you want to save all of these steps, you can instead choose the auto movie option. You just select the style of movie you'd like and Windows Movie Maker does the rest. When you finish editing, it's time to export and save the final video, choosing the quality that you'd like to save the video at.

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